Management & Coordination


The focus of WP7 is to ensure proper controls and processes are in place for efficient and effective project operation and coordination. We provide transparent and effective monitoring of progress of the project according to the contractually agreed objectives, methods, and standards. The key objectives of WP7 are:

1) Provide top level management of the project to ensure aims of the project are efficiently and effectively met, on time and with the resources budgeted and that knowledge and innovation are properly managed.
Status to date: The deliverables and milestones due prior to the covid pandemic have been submitted on time. There have been delays to deliverables and milestones, in particular around workshops and meetings that have had to be postponed. These will be rescheduled next year as appropriate. The project remains in budget

2) Enable communication and collaboration between members of the project.
Status to date: We have organised two project wide meetings (D7.2, D7.3), in addition to supporting other WP meetings, in addition to the other measures in WP6.

3) Satisfy EU reporting guidelines through Milestones, Deliverables, technical and financial Periodic and Final Reports, and ensure all formal and compliance issues are met.
Status to date: The Consortium Agreement was prepared and signed, pre-financing was distributed amongst partners, deliverables and milestones have been met. The majority of these tasks are at the end of the project as there is only the one formal Reporting Period.


T7.1 Project set-up and resourcesElaina Ford
T7.2 Project Reporting Elaina Ford
T7.3 Financial Management Per Helmer Skaali
T7.4 Programme Meeting Coordination Elaina Ford



ReportPublication DateStatus
D7.1 Project handbookApr
D7.2 Kick-off meeting report
(internal report)
D7.3 End of first year meeting report
(internal report)
D7.4 Report on end of project meetingJune

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Elaina Ford, Programme Manager, BAS


Emma Armitage, BAS

Nick Hughes, MetNo

Per Helmer Skaali, MetNO

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