Thanks from KEPLER

As we wrap up the KEPLER project, the team would like to thank all participants in the project, both project members and those that have input to workshops and questionnaires and all other activities – we’re grateful for your efforts, which have contributed to the deliverables and milestones, and a successful review.

In particular we wish to thank the WP leaders for pulling all the work together, in the deliverables, the dissemination outputs (see resources tab), and the draft periodic review report and final report.

Special thanks go to the Reviewer, and our two project officers from the EC, and colleagues from DG Grow, who have all read through the reports and outputs, and given input and support.

We won’t be leaving things there though, we hope to continue to disseminate our results over the coming months at events and conferences. We will also continue the legacy of KEPLER and collaborations and networks built, through the EU Polar Cluster.

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