Recommendations for Improved Sea Ice ECV records

The KEPLER team have successfully submitted Deliverable 4.2 to the European Commission for approval.

This public report is a key outcome of the KEPLER project and specifically investigates the Sea Ice Essential Climate Variable (ECV), focusing on Climate Data Records (CDRs) and Climate information for the sea-ice Essential Climate Variable (ECV). It is noteworthy that D4.2 builds upon the Stakeholders and Users Requirements collected in WP1, the inventory of the CMEMS multi-year products (both reanalysis and satellite-based products), and the gaps identified there.

This report covers several aspects, such as:

  1. Introduce the WMO GCOS ECVs, and the Sea Ice ECV in particular.
  2. Report on the current implementation of the Sea Ice ECV in Europe.
  3. Outline ways to better serve the Sea Ice ECV from Europe (recommendations)- including consultation of the community of sea ice climate data-records producers.

Read the report below

Recommendations for improved sea ice ECV records *pending approval*

Lead Author: Thomas Lavergne (Met Norway)

Contributing Authors: Steffen Tietsche (ECMWF), Helge Goessling (AWI), Laurent Bertino (NERSC) and Gilles Garric (Mercator Ocean International.)

*Please note this document is pending approval from the EC

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