KEPLER participated in the IICWG-DA joint workshop held in Bremen, Germany, with the International Ice Charting Working Group (IICWG), the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP by the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP)), and GODAE Oceanview (GOV.).

KEPLER activities included:

A presentation by Nick Hughes (METNO) providing an overview of the KEPLER project. Key Environmental monitoring for Polar Latitudes and European Readiness, 

Quantitative Network Design Analyses of Observational Scenarios within KEPLER, Thomas Kaminski (iLAB)

KEPLER Questionnaire, Helge Goessling (AWI), Steffen Tietsche (AWI)

Source: Alfred Wegener Institut 2019

You can find more information about this event via the Alfred Wegener Institut website here.

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