Here you will find scientific publications, public reports, general information and news and dissemination material on all aspects related to KEPLER.

Previous EC and ESA project assessments utilised within KEPLER:

ICEMON and Northern View Portfolio/PolarView (2004)
ACCESS, SIDARUS and ICEMAR (2010-2012)
SPICES (2015-2018)
ESA POLARIS user requirement report and
User needs and high-level requirements (2016)
Copernicus User Uptake Report (2016)
EU JRC (Joint Research Council) Technical Reports: User Requirements (2017)
EU-PolarNet Gap Analysis (2018)
SALIENSEAS report on climate services (2018)
EU-PolarNet Stakeholder Engagement in Polar Research (2019)
CRISTAL mission requirements document (2019)
IICWG report on mariner needs (2019)

Meetings and Forums
Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators
Arctic Frontiers
Arctic Shipping Forum
International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators
International Ice Charting Working Group
Snowchange Cooperative

See also:
EU Polar Cluster
WMO – World Meteorological Organization

KEPLER deliverables (public and submitted)

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