• Spring/Summer 2019 
    • Highlighting the KEPLER Kick-Off meeting and events. Introducing the project aims and promoting upcoming activities.
  • Spring/Summer 2020
    • Promoting KEPLER’s involvement in YOPP 2020 and IS-ENES3. Highlights from the first General Assembly.
  • Autumn/Winter 2020
    • Sharing KEPLER progress and news of a project extension due to delays related to COVID-19. Promoting our involvement in European Polar Science Week and details about our training events including the Copernicus Marine Service Online Training and Early Career Researcher workshop.
  • Spring 2021
    • Featured charts on the status of project deliverables and milestones, the results of our workshops, updates to the project handbook and a timeline to explain the upcoming reporting process.
  • Summer 2021
    • This edition includes a recap of all KEPLER activities up to the end of the project, highlights from the Final General Assembly, the Review meeting and links to all deliverables and end of project dissemination activities. This also include links to digital versions of the final project brochures, as well as KEPLER conclusions and a closing statement from project co-ordinator, Nick Hughes.

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