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Deliverables available for download

We have uploaded our submitted deliverables which you can download from Some deliverables were not intended to be publicly available, however we have uploaded a good number of these. If you have questions about the others (if there is no link then they’re… Continue Reading “Deliverables available for download”

Community-Based Observing and Societal Needs report

The report (D1.2) from SnowChange on Community-Based Observing and Societal Needs is now available to download from their webiste: The purpose of this report is to review the stakeholder needs and community-based observations for the EU project KEPLER. It focussed on the remote… Continue Reading “Community-Based Observing and Societal Needs report”

Arctic Shipping Forum

Our project partners from England, Norway and Finland represented KEPLER & the EU Arctic Cluster at the the 15th annual Arctic Shipping Forum in Helsinki.  Participants at ASF were welcomed to find out more about the project at the KEPLER booth and Penny Wagner (METNo),… Continue Reading “Arctic Shipping Forum”