Arctic Stakeholder Map


The KEPLER Interactive Stakeholder Map is an exploratory application, giving users the chance to view information on various Arctic region stakeholders in a predominantly map-based application. The key factor for the development of the map was the best possible user experience.

Types of data displayed include points, polygons, and lines. Information associated with the given type of data can be viewed, with links out to external resources. Data elements can be tagged, allowing sorting and display of the items with a common tag.

Pictograms represent user categories. These can be switched on and off individually, to show the spatial distribution of the selected elements on the map in the centre view. The map also includes a floating layer switch panel and zoom controls. Sliders allow resizing of the left and centre panel allowing the user to set for the optimal size ratio.

The design of the website is dynamic, compatible with different screen sizes and resolutions of e.g. mobile devices. This means that the layout and scaling of the elements is adjusted automatically to the device.

When clicked, elements display additional data in the left-hand panel, allowing also access to external resources. Description of the given data point can be pre-defined, than selected randomly to minimize the need of manual content updates.

The administration dashboard section of the website enables users to modify and add new items, external resources, data in the CSV file format and manage the administrator access. In-built Application Programming Interface (API) allows integration with external websites and services.

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