Work Packages

WP1: Stakeholder needs and network coordination
WP2: Polar Regions provision in Copernicus Services
WP3: Identification of research and capacity gaps
WP4: Improved sea-ice mapping and forecasting
WP5: End-to-end operational system
WP6: Dissemination, training and engagement
WP7: Management and coordination.

WP1 will survey the information requirements of end-users and stakeholders. The current status and plans for the key Copernicus services will be assessed in WP2. WP3 will investigate gaps in the capacity of in situ and EO monitoring systems, and the potential for new technologies will be reviewed in the context of delivering improvements. Recommendations for enhanced sea ice monitoring is delivered in WP4. This knowledge will feed into an overall roadmap for improvement of Copernicus monitoring for the Polar Regions, collated in WP5.

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